Major-General Maurice Rose     









Army Serial number: O-008439

Unit: 3rd Armored Division "Spearhead"

Born: 26 November 1899     Place: Middletown, CT

Died: 30 March 1945     Place: South of Paderborn (Germany)


Date of temp Burial: 2 April 1945 at: Ittenbach American Military Cemetery (Germany)

Date of temp Buriel: 25 August 1945 at: Margraten American Military Cemetery (The Netherlands)

Location: Plot: UU Row: 4 Grave: 95

Date of final Burial: 27 September 1949  at: Margraten American Military Cemetery (The Netherlands)

Location: Plot: C Row: 1 Grave: 1


1st Wife: Venice Rose-Hanson

2de Wife: Virginia Rose-Barringer  Married: 12 September 1934

Children: Maurice "Mike" and Maurice Roderick "Reece"


Father: Samual Rose  

Mother: Katherine Rose-Brown

Brother: Arnold Rose





General Maurice Rose was born on November 26, 1899 in Middletown, in the state of Connecticut. His parents were of Polish origin.

They were in 1883 emigrated to the United States.





Maurice went to East High School in Denver and appeared to have a photographic memory, which he later at a glance overview maps and situations of battles could record. He developed into a leading person in the group of high school.

In 1915, at age 15, when the Mexican bandit raids on U.S. borders, he tampered with his age, he enlisted in the National Guard for the expedition of General Pershing into Mexico. In 1916 he entered the army at the age of 17 he was appointed second lieutenant. In mid 1918 he was on his way to France with the 89th Infantry Division. After his promotion to first lieutenant, he fought in the battles of Argonne and St. Mihiel, where he was severely wounded. At the end of the war he covered the rank of Captain.
End of 1920 he was returned for the third time in uniform, this time as a second lieutenant in the regular army. In 1930 he joined the Cavalry and served in the Canal Zone and Pennsylvania. In 1941 he had already become a major and he fulfilled many peacekeeping tasks in Fort Douglas, Fort Benning, Fort Logan and the State College of Kansas, where he served as instructor of the training corps of reserve officers.

In 1942 he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief of Staff of the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Benning. This division cross the ocean to take part in the North African campaign of 1943. He received the Silver Star and was promoted to Colonel. Later in 1943, with the 1st Armoured Division under his wing during the Tunisian campaign, he accepted the first surrender to the U.S. of a large Nazi Military Power in the Bizerte naval base. Just before the invasion of Sicily in July 1943 he was promoted to Brigadier General and took his second Silver Star in reception. In November he went to England, to the invasion of France to be trained

On 8 June 1944 he landed with his troops in France and he led the 2nd Armored Division through Normandy. On 7 August 1944, he received command over the 3rd Armored Division.

His division moved on to the Belgian border, to the city of Mons. On one day the Division captured Mons and they captered 10,000 German soldiers prisoner. In the 10 days that followed the 3rd Armored Division ran through Belgium, toward the German border. In Germany he conquered Rotgen, the first German city to be in the hands of the Allies fell, and then rushed forth into the Siegfried Line. On 18 December the 3rd Armored Division are rushed to the Ardennes, in order to prevent a German breakthrough. Early March 1945 he was in Cologne, the royal city of Germany.



On 25 March 1945 the 3rd Armored Division crossed the Rhine. His division was chosen for the attack on the Ruhr to lead. General Rose urged the industrial heart of Germany within and realized the biggest one-day rise in the history of mobile warfare. On 29 March 1945 he raced over 145 km through enemy territory. One day later, on March 30, 1945, the truly brilliant soldier died the death of a true warrior. His troops found his body at the place where he was during the advance to Paderborn had fallen to the ground.





On April 2, 1945, at Ittenbach, Germany, the ceremony for Major General Maurice Rose, who was killed in action on March 30, 1945, in the advance on Paderborn, Germany. Only

45 years old at the time, had led his 3rd Armored "Spearhead" Division through France and Belgium, and then becoming the first Allied ground force to invade German soil in WWII. Later

 in 1945, his body was re-interned in Margraten, The Netherlands, as all American servicemen buried in Germany were re-interned outside of Germany



The grave of Major General Maurice Rose,  location: C-1-1

American Military Cemetery Margraten, The Netherlands

The Roman Catholic Elementary School in Margraten adopted the General's grave





Maurice's parents: Samuel and Katherine Rose, at their home in Denver, Colorado, after learning of his death.


His courage and his abilities as a soldier brought him fame. A Troop-Transport Ship was named after him, the U.S. Congress ordered the minting of a commemorative coin of 50 cents.

Denver,CO the city where he had spent his youth led him by a hospital to be named: The Rose Medical Center.

Middletown, CT was the Armed Forces Reserve Center named after MG Rose.


USNS Gen. Maurice Rose



Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO



General Rose's mother, Katie Rose, breaks ground at the site of the future hospital.


Elementery School in Margraten, The Netherlands named after MG Maurice Rose 



Major-General Maurice Rose Armed Forces Reserve Center in Middletown, CT.

Dedication was held on December 10, 2011



Several other photos with the General pictured





General Rose Helmet is exhibit in The Patton Museum Fort Knox, Kentucky.


Helmet is moved in 2021 to the New National Museum of the Army in Fort Belvoir, VA 


Info/photos used from the book MAJOR GENERAL MAURICE ROSE, Thanks Don Marsh who personally signed my book


In this outstanding, first-rate biography, Steven Ossad and Don Marsh have chronicled the life of an authentic American hero.

 Their thorough investigation reveals, for the first time, a full account of Rose's untimely death in 1945. Highly recommended.

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