British War Cemetery Sittard (NL)

Totaal liggen er op deze begraafplaats 239 slachtoffers begraven

228 Brits, Army (3 Onbekend)

1 Brits, Navy

6 Brits, Air Force (Waarvan 3 onbekend in één graf)

1 Britse Civilian (vrouw) deze was werkzaam bij de E.N.S.A. (Entertainment National Service Association)


Fusilier Dennis Donnini
The Royal Scots Fusiliers
17 nov. 1925 - 18 jan. 1945




Awarded the Victoria Cross.

Dennis Donnini was the youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross in the Second World War.      


On January 18, 1945, between the river Ruhr and the Meuse, Donnini's platoon was ordered to attack a small village. After they leave their shelters they came under heavily hostile fire, where Fusilier Donnini touched to its head. After coming at conscience he stormed forward again. He threw several hand grenades into the direction of the enemy on who this escaped. They were chased thereby by Donnini and his men. Again touched wounded he still continued firing his Bren, until he succumbed to its wounds. By its heroic action it was possible to overpower the enemy, which was two times larger then Donnini’s group.